Bots open source edi translator

Bots is fully functional software for edi (Electronic Data Interchange). Check out the features!
Current version: 3.2.0 (released at 2014-09-02).
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Getting started

Download the software and try it yourself!
Installation instructions are in the wiki.
Check out the tutorial.
There is an active mailing list.

What does Bots offer?

All major edi data formats are supported: edifact, x12, tradacoms, xml.
Runs on Windows, Linux, OSX and Unix.
Bots is very stable.
Bots handles high volumes of edi transactions.
Bots is very flexible and can be configurated for your specific edi needs.
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Open source software?

Bots is free both as in 'freedom of speech' and as in 'free beer'.
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Get involved.

Write a review, make an installer on debian (in line with debian guidelines), or add to the wiki.
And of course: a link to this project is much appreciated!

Commercial support.

Commercial support for Bots is available: EbbersConsult
EbbersConsult can help you to: